Discreet Testing

Normally, most DNA tests require a simple mouth swab from which a DNA profile is extracted. Discreet testing can be used when it is not possible to collect a sample with an oral swab. People might be deceased or absent. In such cases, most DNA companies offer testing of discreet samples which include hair or blood. There are numerous samples that can be used and extracting DNA is not always successful depending on the sample used and the amount of DNA present in the discreet sample. Discreet samples come at an extra cost and may be subject to certain laws in certain countries. We sometimes call discreet samples \”forensic samples\”. The method of analysis we use is exactly the same one that would be used in forensic criminal investigations but we use the terms \”discreet\” instead because many of our clients are using this service to try and have their test done in a covert manner.

The DNA testing company you select will advise you appropriately on these issues. When using discreet samples, it is important to note that success rate does not refer to the result of the test but to whether the provided samples will yield enough DNA for testing to be completed.Ideally, the best type of sample to use is an oral swab sample. This is simply due to the fact that under laboratory conditions, it is easier and to extract a complete DNA profile from an oral swab. A more informative article on discreet samples can be found by clicking discreet DNA samples.