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Not Available CatCheck (Feline) Genetic Disease Test

With more than 75 genetic diseases screened the CatCheck Feline Genetic Disease DNA Test is one of the most comprehensive genetic screening tests available in the market to date. It is a very easy-to-use test that will screen for a comprehensive list of diseases, blood groups and genetic traits common in cats. Test today to find out more about your cat and help it live a healthier life.

Postal and Delivery times are constantly changing. Whilst every effort is made to reduce time where possible this cannot always be achieved due to actions outside our control. The times quoted are from the time the final sample is received.

Please note that prepaid return postage is not included.

How does CatCheck Disease DNA Test work?

Comprehensive Test

The CatCheck disease DNA test is a comprehensive and laboratory-based screening test that will provide invaluable insights into your cat’s health through its genetic information. With this test you can have your cat tested for 75 different characteristics including genetic disorders, coat colours and blood types. This is one of the most comprehensive tests in the market at a very affordable price of Not Available.

Manage your Cat’s Health

With the information obtained through the test you can work together with your veterinarian and other specialists to manage and improve the overall health of your cat. The test can also help you highlight potentially serious diseases or conditions that need special attention. And if you are a breeder the information may also provide peace of mind on the health of your cat and help identify carrier free cats with which to breed.

How can you miss out on the opportunity to manage your cat’s health for only Not Available.

Simple, Easy-to-Use Process

The sample collection process is extremely easy to follow and apply. You don’t need the assistance of a vet. Once you order the test a swab collection kit will be sent to you. The kit will contain full instructions on how to collect the sample from your cat. Once the samples are sent back to the laboratory, you will receive the results via email in 6-7 weeks.

Are you interested to invest in your cat’s health? Order today your Catcheck DNA Test and begin your journey to explore and improve your cat’s health!

Special Offers and Discounts

The price of the Catcheck test is Not Available.

A second or third Catcheck test for your other cat or maybe for a relative or a friend can be purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions