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My dog (Sasswatch) had a very miserable time for a while. She was constantly scratching to the point of wounds in her armpits and head; hair loss especially around the head and arms; and puffy eyes needing medication. She looked horrible and sad.

She was really lethargic. Her mammary glands were swollen to the point of looking pregnant. I took her to the vet who gave me some options, but I chose to go with the DNA testing first.
It may just be new allergens as she is now about one and a half and maybe she had never encountered a new spring allergen thus leading to problems.

Your testing (I did the insensitivity test with you) found very high insensitiviy to pork, lamb and chicken. She had been eating these for a long time and over Spring developed problems. She was also found insensitive to other things, one of which was seitan and onions (we were eating a lot of curries at the time). She often had our food scraps.

Virtually everything was exacerbating the condition and I ended up changing her diet to a very bland cooked one prepared by me with mostly kangaroo (she also eats some beef but not so keen on it), rice, sweet potato, potato, cheese, milk (she loves dairy), eggs, carrot and a few other vegies. I also supplement with an Aussie dry food diet with mostly kangaroo to ensure she isn’t missing any nutrients/minerals/vitamins.

When I changed her diet, I was able to stop the eye medication after 1 day (I had been using it about 3 months), and I saw a noticeable change in her scratching straight away, though it took some weeks for this to settle down.

My dog is now energetic, has beautiful silky fur again and only scratches occasionally (no more than I would). My little Amstaff is now happy and healthy. There is nothing worse than a miserable pet that can’t tell you what is wrong with them!
I think that there is probably many pets that suffer for a very long time if not lifelong, when a diet may be what they need for their bodies to reprogram. I would recommend easyDNA testing with you as an important tool for any pet lover. Please feel free to use my testimony in your advertising. I am so happy that my little girl is back to normal.

I also used some bovine colostrum later in her diet (had been prescribed by a naturopath for my son when he was about 4 and had tummy problems) to help her gut microflora.

I have recently even started trying her on pork, lamb and chicken in small amounts and so far, so good.

Thank you for a great service.

Australia, 10 Jan 2022