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DNA Sample Collection Guide Using Our Home DNA Test Kit

If you want to understand clearly the collection process using our DNA test kit, you should follow these visual instructions carefully. The process needs to be repeated for every individual participating in the test. These instructions will also be included inside your kit.

Sample Collection Instructions

Before starting, please read all the information provided carefully. Ensure that all relevant sections on the Sample Collection Form/s and envelopes are completed in BLOCK letters along with signatures of each participant.

 Instructions: Enclosed in your kit you will find the lollipop swab and FTA card inside the collection envelopes. The sample collection kit can be used for any type of DNA test. Kits are pre-packed and come with lollipop swab and FTA cards to accommodate each person to be tested.

Please read below:

  • It is recommended to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out with water. We recommend you not to eat, drink (excluding water), or smoke for at least one hour before a mouth swab sample is It is preferred to drink water prior to the collection. This is preferable, as a dry mouth can make it difficult to collect a good sample.
  • Complete the requested information on both the swab (coloured) envelope and all the details on the Sample Collection Form (Complete with signatures of consent).
  • Wash your hands before collecting the sample and avoid touching the FTA sample card unnecessarily. It is important to collect one sample at a time and the envelope per
  • Collect cheek cells by rubbing the tip of the lollipop swab firmly on the inside of your cheek (30 times or for about 1 minute). Use a similar pressure to brushing your teeth, rotating the swab as you go. Be certain to move the swab over the entire inner cheek This action should be firm but not aggressive and should not be uncomfortable.

  • Press both sides of the swab firmly onto the pink area of the FTA card. Use the paper cover of the FTA card to help push the Foam Tipped Applicator into the FTA card.

  • Allow the FTA sample card to air dry for a couple of seconds before placing it back into the foil-lined package, always making sure not to touch the pink circle (DNA sample) with your fingers or against any REMOVE the pillow pak from the foil-lined package. Slide the foil-lined package directly into the coloured envelope that they came in.
  • Repeat the process for every individual being tested using a different set of swabs and envelope for each

 How to send the samples: Send your samples and Sample Collection Forms back to us in the self-addressed envelope provided. Please remember to attach sufficient postage stamps. We recommend using a courier or registered post services for traceability purposes.

Results: Your results will be sent to the e-mail address provided upon registration and/or on the Sample Collection form. You can order a hard copy of the result to be sent by post for an additional payment.

Consent: It is important that each person submitting their own mouth swab for testing gives consent by filling in their personal details and signing on the Sample Collection form. Children under the age of consent need to have a signature of a legal parent or guardian. Failure to do so will result in delays in the test.

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  • Drying your swabs is simple but you need to make sure you keep them clean and that swabs from different people do not ever come into contact with each other (remember there is the possibility of DNA contamination if this happens). We like to recommend that clients use clean water glasses to dry their swabs; one water glass for the swabs of every test participant, placing them cotton side up.
  • Sample collection can be performed at any age including newborn babies. Make sure that no food or drinks (except water) have been consumed within one hour of sampling.

I need a sample collection kit!

You will receive your kit shortly after you have placed your order; normally within 2-3 working days.

Should you need more than 1 kit or dispatch of kits to different locations, contact us before hand to have your test and kit delivery organised.

We are here to assist you with all your DNA testing needs. Contact us directly.

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